International Conference On Contemporary Techniques In Management Sciences:

Towards A Contemporary Approach To Administrative Reform And Sustainable Development

Under the auspices of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Al-Furat Alawsat Technical University holds it is 1th International conference (the first of the Administrative Technical College / Kufa and the second of the Al-Mustaqbal University College) in cooperation with  its partners in the Al-Mustaqbal University College, Babylon, Hilla – Babylon and  the Akkad Center  for Economic and Financial Studies (ACEFS) titled  ” Towards a contemporary approach to administrative reform and sustainable development.”

The conference will be held at the presidency of the Middle Euphrates    Technical  University in Najaf province and some sessions at the Deanship of the Al-Mustaqbal University College/ Babylon from  November 02 to 03,   2022.

The conference’s dedication and its fields

The technology revolution in recent years has led to countless opportunities in multiple areas associated with economic activity,  health, education, logistics, agriculture, and culture.  The rapid development of digital economy applications has led to the emergence of new markets,  a change in production and consumption patterns, and the pivotal role of digital transformation in achieving sustainable development goals at the global level. These changes have created a challenge for academics and practitioners in all fields to employ these techniques in overcoming administrative problems and achieving sustainable development.   Administrative  sciences to:

  • Responding to digital transformation requirements by employing contemporary management technologies (business management techniques, accounting techniques, and information technology methods) in trends related to administrative reform and sustainable development in Iraq.
  •   It also attracts original contributions to the local environment that fully adopt scientific methods to overcome technological challenges in accounting, management, and technology.
  • Bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, practitioners, and research engineers in the field of the conference’s interest from inside and outside Iraq.
  •  Presentations of participating studies and articles, workshops, and exhibitions of contemporary techniques and software in administrative sciences dealing with the conference’s main themes.
  • Researchers are invited to submit their research electronically through the online submission system on June 25,  2022.   By  August 15,  2022.
  • All accepted research will be published in conference proceedings and local or Arab scientific journals. In addition, a selected study from the conference will also be posted at the request of researchers in sober journals indexed in Clarivate and Scopus containers.

Sponsored by

H.E. Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Supervised by

The President of Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University 

Professor Dr. Mudhaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairy

The Dean of Al-Mustaqbal University College

Professor Dr. Hasan Sh. Majdi